Google Voice Dial Out!!!

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Google Voice Dial Out!!!

Post  MagicDump on Wed Aug 12, 2009 6:28 pm take the lead implementing a Google Voice Dial Out Script, That will allow any caller to make a Phone calls from any ATAs or Soft Phomes without using a computer!!

This have been only accomplished by Nerd Vittles but using a full blown asterisk server but IMHO the last system is an overkill.

Aaron from Sipsorcery have been punting a lot of hours into it, and here he explains how the system works:

Aaron wrote:

The GoogleVoiceCall dialplan application has now been updated so that there is no disconnection required in order to receive the callback. The sipsorcery software will take care of matching up the originating call and the inbound call from GoogleVoice->Gizmo->SIPSorcery.

The proper way to use the application has been changed to:

sys.GoogleVoiceCall("", "password", "17412312", "81812881")

If the boolean parameter is used as per the initial application it will still be accepted but will be ignored.

This latest update makes it a bit nicer for using Google Voice for outgoing calls as they now work close to the same as a normal call. There are some caveats:

- In order to avoid a 5 to 10s of dead air while the HTTP requests go back and forth to Google I send a ringing response back to the caller so at least they know something is happening,

- When the Google Voice callback arrives the call gets answered, if you have an IP phone or soft phone it will be easy to tell, and there will be a pause and then typically a second ring tone. This ring tone is now the other end of the Google Voice call ringing,

- You MUST have your Google Voice number wired up to your Gizmo number for the callback to be accepted. You MUST have your Gizmo account registered with sipsorcery so that the callback from Google Voice can reach the sipsorcery server. If either of these is not in place the call will fail. You can use the log messages to see if there are any problems along the way,

- You can only ever have a SINGLE call in progress since the only way to match the Google Voice callback is by the Gizmo number. If you happen to try two simultaneous calls the last one will overwrite any current one and take the callback.

It's certainly a bit of messing around but I guess it gets a free call for which people will put up with a lot!

In reference to the question about whether this application will be deployed on the mysipswitch service the answer is no. The mysipswitch software is now 10 months behind the sipsorcery software and updates to it are not practical.


I think this will be the next generation of free USA Phone Call for the years to come.



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