GVOut Google Voice Outgoing Proxy Dialer (Windows)

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GVOut Google Voice Outgoing Proxy Dialer (Windows)

Post  gvtricks on Tue Aug 11, 2009 1:24 am

Author Name az1324

Here's a little new toy I whipped up that lets you dial out using google voice in combination with one of the free incoming SIP services.

Read through the thread for lots of good detailed setup examples and tips on using dialplan configurations to enhance the overall functionality of your setup. For example you can still keep incoming calls and 911 functionality even when the computer is off.

When you dial out via phone, you get an immediate busy signal. Then hang up and with a few seconds your phone will ring with the incoming connection from GV. Pick it up and your call is connected. It's not an ideal solution but works ok and is more convenient than using a web dialer etc... and its incoming so no 3 minute time limit.

Enter the SIP Server of your free incoming service (gizmo5, sipgate) then enter the phone number associated with that account (must be in your GV account too).


UPDATE 8-3-09: This version fixes a bug which might have affected a small number of users if you could get your ATA to register through the proxy and got busy signal but no incoming ring. Also this version is able to detect clients with changing IP addresses but don't try to connect more than one client or you will confuse it.

Can be debugged from command line with arguments "d" for simple and "e" for extended.

Delay specifies the wait time between issuing the busy signal and initiating the call through GV.

You can either get the busy signal and use the delay, or you get no busy signal and GVOut will wait for you to hang up.

Latest version link will always be here: (Version mediafire.com ?zwmnz3n0qri

EDIT: For clarification, this is meant to be an alternative to magicjack for FREE inbound and outgoing calling using a service such as sipgate or gizmo5 combined with a google voice account and an ATA.

I am not the one who developed these scripts.I just copied and paste the information from some blogs.


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