IPKALL Not working after recent SS upgrade SS + PAP2T

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IPKALL Not working after recent SS upgrade SS + PAP2T

Post  anant11 on Sun Nov 15, 2009 8:15 am

Hi Folks:

Need help. There was new upgrade of SS a couple of days ago ( we had a couple of days outage of SS). After the upgrade, my IPKALL no longer works for the outbound calls made from my cordless phone connected to PAP2T line 1. The phone makes several rings but does not go to next level of rings to complete the call. I have not made any change in my settings. I have SS/PAP2T. IPKALL works making a call from the contact list on GV screen - my phone rings and call goes after I pick up the phone. I have all other SIP providers ( gizmo/sipgate/voxox) working for out bound calls except IPKALL. I do not know the problem. I need help please. Can someone help me please?



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