Need help - Localphone settings. with SS

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Need help - Localphone settings. with SS

Post  anant11 on Sat Sep 12, 2009 8:36 am

I have signed up with Localphone and got a 12-digit UK telephone # ( 44 xxxxxxxxxx) and Int'l calling card # ( a local access telephone #) , account # and pin. I have been using this for all my Int'l calls ( especially to India) which I found quite cheap compared to others. The quality is excellent.

I have working settings and registered localphone as another SIP provider in SS. I have also added a dial plan for localphone. This dial plan requires email address, pw, localphone #, and GV #. like all other disl plans do.

My problem right now is to get the localphone # added to my GV account. GV does not accept Int'l telephone # for telephone # verification and activation. I have funds added to my localphone account

Besides, I need the localphone # to be added in the dial plan.

How do I solve this problem ? Need help please



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